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In JP Jobs, We support Filipinos who want to work in Japan. We support you warmly from Japanese language education to skill education. Also, we provide various supports to everyone in order to have a comfortable and enjoyable time while they were in Japan. Many Japanese companies are waiting for the Filipinos who can acquire language skills and technical skills and play an active role in Japan as an immediate worker.
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JP Jobs firmly supports from Japanese language education to acquisition of necessary qualifications!


JP Jobs operates a Japanese language school in the Philippines.

JP Jobs operates a Japanese language school in the Philippines, so you can receive a solid Japanese language education, which is the most necessary language ability to live and work in a Japanese company. We will support you until you pass either the Japan Foundation Japanese Language Basic Test or the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. In addition, the curriculum of proficiency tests for each industry is substantial, so you can receive support until you pass the proficiency test.


You can select all 14 industries such as manufacturing,caregiving , and service business etc,.

We can support you to pass the proficiency test in all of the following 14 industries you desire.
1. Caregiving
2. Building cleaning industry
3. Shaping material industry
4. Industrial machinery manufacturing industry
5. Electrical and electronic information related industries
6. Construction industry
7. Shipbuilding and marine industry
8. Automotive maintenance industry
9. Aviation industry
10. Accommodation business
11. Farming
12. Fishery
13. Food and beverage manufacturing industry
14. Restaurant business
There are many fields where you can work in Japan as a immediate worker based on your personality and specialty.


We will support your career, daily living and social life also after arriving in Japan

We provide various support so that you can live and work in Japan with peace of mind. Upon arrival, we will meet you at the airport and send you to your place of employment. In order you will not be in trouble in your daily life, We provide various support such as as housing arrangements, administrative procedures, opening a bank account, mobile phone contract, etc. so that you can live in Japan with peace of mind.
In addition, when sending money from Japan to a family member in the Philippines, JP Jobs provide a service to send funds to the family member within the day (within a few hours at the earliest) in behalf of you. JP Jobs also wants to treasure the families of everyone who works in Japan.

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Backing up the employment of Japanese companies with labor shortages Support services that allow small and medium-sized enterprises to hire foreign workers with peace of mind


Specific skill foreigner introduction service


Registration support organization service


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For those looking for a job

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JP Jobs will firmly support you from Japanese language education to acquisition of necessary qualifications. You can rest assured that JP Jobs has been licensed in compliance with the strict laws of Japan. First of all, please fill in the staff registration.

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Looking for partners! Many foreign human resources are being assigned to all over Japan!
In assigning foreign human resources to all over the country, JP Jobs is looking for partners with registration support organizations nationwide. Please use the inquiry form to contact us.

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