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In JP Jobs, We provides total support for hiring specific skill visa personnel.
We are focusing on developing excellent human resources, such as supporting the passing of proficiency tests and beginning Japanese language education at a local corporation in the Philippines.
Also, as a registration support organization we are also possible to act on behalf of a set of support services that are mandatory when hiring specific skilled personnel. Please consider utilizing high-quality specific skill visa personnel of JP Jobs to secure excellent human resources and solve labor shortages.
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About specific skill visa

What is a specific skill?

Expanded industries that can accept foreign workers
From April 2019, a new status of residence, "Specific Skills," has been newly established. Once a specific skill visa is created, foreigners can work in the construction industry, shipbuilding industry, accommodation industry, restaurant industry, etc., where foreigners could not work until now, excluding some exceptions. Acceptable industries are not stipulated by the Immigration Control Act, but by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Justice. There are two types of specific skill visas, and as a general rule, those who have completed No. 1 can proceed to No. 2 if they pass the exam. However, since the target of No. 2 is only 2 industries, foreigners who have worked in 12 industries not covered by No. 2 will return to their home countries when No. 1 is completed.
JP Jobs mainly introduces Filipinos in the following industries.
Visa type Target industry
Target industry of specific skill visa No. 1 ①Construction industry
②Shipbuilding / marine industry
③Automobile maintenance industry
④Aviation industry
⑤Accommodation industry
⑥Nursing care
⑦Building cleaning
⑩Food and beverage manufacturing industry
⑪Restaurant industry
⑫Shaping material industry
⑬Industrial machinery manufacturing industry
⑭Electrical and electronic information related industries
Target industry of specific skill visa No. 2 ①Construction industry
②Shipbuilding / marine industry

What is advanced human resources?

The status of residence under the immigration system includes qualifications that allow normal employment and "advanced professionals" that are granted to highly-skilled foreign personnel. Personnel with such qualifications and highly specialized knowledge and skills are called advanced foreign personnel = advanced personnel. In order to promote the acceptance of highly-skilled human resources, the government has introduced a system to provide preferential treatment for immigration control using the point system on May 7, 2012 for highly-skilled foreign human resources.

Flow of accepting foreigners with specific skills

Foreigners working with specific skills

01Meet the requirements for a specific skill visa.
In order to obtain a specific skill visa, it is necessary to pass the examination (skills / Japanese Language) for each industry conducted overseas or in Japan, or complete the technical intern training No. 2.
02Enter a job directly or arrange from a recruitment agency
Foreigners who meet the requirements for a specific skill visa can apply directly for a job offered by a company, or seek a job after being appointed by a Hello Work / private employment placement business.
03Conclude an employment contract with the host company
Once you have decided to get a job at the company you are going to work for, we will conclude an employment contract with the host organization.

*The accepting company must conclude a consignment contract with a registration support organization. (Only when entrusting the following support)

    【Accepting companies provide support for foreign human resources】

  • Providing lifestyle guidance before entering Japan
  • Pick-up at the airport, etc. at the time of entry and see-off at the airport, etc. at the time of return
  • Securing housing for foreigners
  • Implementation of life orientation during residence(Opening a bank account, supporting mobile phone contracts, etc.)
  • Support for learning Japanese for living
  • Responding to consultations and complaints from foreigners
  • Providing information and support for various administrative procedures
  • Support for promoting cultural exchanges between foreigners and Japanese
  • Support for changing jobs when involuntary turnover
04Apply for status of residence to immigration authorities
Apply for certification or change of status of residence.
05Start working at the accepting company
Once you have been granted a status of residence for a particular skill, you can start working for a company.

Companies that accept foreigners

There are some conditions for accepting foreigners with specific skills.

  • ①The institution to which the specific skill belongs is appropriate
  • ②Appropriate employment contracts with foreigners with specific skills
  • ③Appropriate support system and support plan for foreigners with specific skills

〈About the obligation to join the council〉 Companies that employ foreigners with specific skills are required to join the council.
The council is an organization established by the competent ministries and agencies for each of the 14 industries in order to properly operate the specific skill system.
The members are the competent ministries, accepting companies, industry groups, related ministries, etc.

If you are a company considering accepting foreigners with specific skills, please feel free to contact JP Jobs.

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About the cost*

Workers' annual total income 40%

* The referral fee will be charged after you come to Japan and confirm your employment.
* If you retire at your own risk within 3 months from the start of work, all referral fees will be refunded.
* In addition to the above, a separate registration support service fee will be required.
* If you would like to know more about the cost, please contact us from the inquiry form.


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