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We are looking for ready-to-work personnel from the Philippines to Japanese companies. JP Jobs will take care of all the troublesome procedures. Please leave it to us. We will introduce human resources from 14 industries to SMEs and micro-enterprise who are thinking of hiring foreigners. Of course, we can also introduce Japanese human resources.



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Paid employment placement service specializing in Filipinos with specific skills
JP Jobs provides a job agency service specializing in Filipinos, and introduces human resources with the skills necessary for work through various skill training including Japanese language education. In addition, it is possible to provide one-stop service up to the assignment of human resources by using the registration support service together. We hope that SMEs and micro-enterprise companies who are in trouble due to a shortage of human resources will be able to utilize foreign workers more closely and help solve the recent shortage of human resources. Of course, we also introduce Japanese human resources.
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Backing up the employment of Japanese companies with labor shortages Support services that allow small and medium-sized enterprises to hire foreign workers with peace of mind


Specific skill foreigner introduction service


Registration support organization service


For companies looking for human resources

You can apply by simple WEB registration!
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You can easily apply for a job vacancies from the WEB. After applying, our staff will contact you and ask for details. Job application download (Excel)

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For those looking for a job

If you want to work in Japan, go to JP Jobs!
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JP Jobs will firmly support you from Japanese language education to acquisition of necessary qualifications. You can rest assured that JP Jobs has been licensed in compliance with the strict laws of Japan. First of all, please fill in the staff registration.

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For registration support organizations

Looking for partners! Many foreign human resources are being assigned to all over Japan!
In assigning foreign human resources to all over the country, JP Jobs is looking for partners with registration support organizations nationwide. Please use the inquiry form to contact us.

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