Registration support organization service
We will also take care of all registration support work that is obligatory when hiring specific skilled personnel. We provide full support from introduction of human resources trained by JP Jobs in the Philippines to support for obtaining specific skill visas, guidance before entering Japan, transportation at the time of entry, administrative procedures necessary for securing housing and living, and living support after entering Japan. JP jobs accepts with one-stop services for introducing foreign personnel, applying for specific skill receiving organizations, and obliging to support foreigners with specific skills.
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What is a registration support organization?

Leave it to us with one- stop from introduction of specific skill personnel to support service.
A registration support organization is entrusted by an accepting organization (= a company that employs foreigners with specific skills. The legal expression is "Specific skill affiliation institution") and implements on behalf of the accepting organization for foreigners with specific skill No. 1 in their work life, daily life, or social life so that they can carry out stable and smooth activities while staying in Japan. Furthermore, it is not obligatory to support foreigners with Specific Skill No. 2. When hiring foreigners with specific skill No. 1, the accepting organization is required to formulate and implement a support plan. The support plan must meet statutory standards.

About support

Advance guidance
We have duty to explain face to face or from others method (such as video calls over the internet) about working conditions, activity content, immigration procedures, whether or not a deposit is collected, etc. after concluding an employment contract with a foreigner with specific skills No. 1, before applying for issuance of Certificate of Eligibility or before applying for permission to change your status of residence.
Pick-up and drop-off when entering and leaving Japan
In sending off when leaving Japan, Is necessary to accompany the No. 1 Specified skill foreigner to the front of the security checkpoint and check until admission.
Securing housing・Contract support necessary for living
Become a guarantor in the housing contract and prepare the company housing. In addition, we will assist each procedure such as opening a bank account, guiding mobile phone and lifeline contracts, etc.
Living orientation
We will explain Japanese rules and etiquette, how to use public institutions, contact information, disaster response, etc. so that you can live a smooth social life. It is necessary to explain in language that the foreigner with specific skill No.1 can fully understand. Also, depending on individual circumstances and the situation of implementation but,It is compulsory to have a living orientation of at least 8 hours.
Accompanying public procedures, etc.
If necessary, we will assist you in accompanying securing housing, social security, tax procedures, and preparing documents.
Offering opportunities for learning Japanese
We conduct admission guidance for Japanese language classes and information on teaching materials for learning Japanese.
Responding to consultations and complaints
We will respond in a language (native language) that foreigners can fully understand about problems in the workplace, consultations and complaints about living in Japan, and provide necessary advice and guidance according to the content.
*A language that can be fully understood" means a language in which the native language of a foreigner with a specific skill is optimal, but the content to be explained can be understood.
Promotion of cultural exchange with Japanese people
We will assist you in participating, guiding on events such as festivals of the four seasons and a place for interaction with local residents etc., to be held at the local community association. It is required to create opportunities to come into contact with Japanese culture and customs.
Outplacement support (in the case of personnel reduction, etc.)
The employment contract may be canceled depending on the circumstances of the accepting company, so we will help you find a new job or job offer and create a letter of recommendation. In addition, it is necessary to grant unemployment benefits and paid leave for job hunting and provide information on necessary administrative procedures.
Regular interviews, reports to government agencies
The person in charge of support will meet with foreigners and their superiors on a regular basis (at least once every three months) and report any violations of the Labor Standards Act.

About the cost*

Item Price
Pre-departure guidance (in the Philippines) 10,000 yen
Travel expenses (advance payment) Actual expenses
Immigration Bureau agency application fee 50,000 yen
Transfer fee (airport-customer) Actual cost
Medical Examination at the Time of Employment (according to Article 43 of the Occupational Safety and Health Regulations) 10,000 yen
Living orientation (8 hours) 40,000 yen
Support fee 20,000 yen / month

*About application for status of residence, a power of attorney is required because our corporate lawyer will be your agent.

Consultation on registration support organization service (acting as agent) is free of charge.

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